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We are repeating last week’s schedule due to the Livestream issues since many have contacted us saying that they missed specific shows. Plus this also helps us isolate what the issues are in our reports to Livestream Tech support. We hope you understand.

Unfortunately our service through Livestream is acting up in several ways. We are working to resolve these issues and working to find permanent solutions to these ongoing problems with Livestream. We understand you have come to expect a specific level of quality and stability in our broadcasts and we have not lost sight of this in any way. Please understand that until we get responses from the technical department at Livestream fixing the solution immediately is beyond our control. We ask you to be patient with us during this time and rest assured we will be back at full force as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Livestream seems to be working with very few glitches now, however please be aware that if issues do arise we are aware of them and are working on fixing them.

Weekend Schedule


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