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Kreepy Kastle TV Mission Statement

Kreepy Kastle TV has been created BY Horror Hosts, FOR Horror Hosts and their fans.  We believe in unity among those that love and respect the Classic Horror Hosts of old as well as those that began in the new millineum. We intend to continue to provide a wide variety of Horror Host shows in a format we think you will enjoy. Kreepy Kastle TV will, at times, also provide classic TV shows, cartoons, comedy shorts and music videos, as well. We intend to respect copyright laws to the very best of our knowledge and ability.

  The Kreepy Kastle will not tolerate abusive language in our chat or on our website and pages. We feel this is disrespectful to ALL viewers and hosts. We ask that contributing Horror Hosts assist in promoting their shows when the schedule is released to the public, but refrain from posting on other channels’ sites or web pages out of respect for those channels and sites. They are doing their own thing just like us and we would not promote ourselves on another’s venue without mutual consent between ourselves and another entity. We also ask for anyone to contact us privately if you disagree with any decisions we have made in scheduling or any other reason to avoid confusing fans of Horror Hosts or horror fans about the unity and respect we strive to promote.

  Respect is important to Kreepy Kastle TV and we respect your opinions. So said, we are open to suggestions, in the hopes we can improve, we certainly do not know everything. We are not competing with anyone other than ourselves. Our members challenge each other every day to make the Kreepy Kastle the best it can be. We ask that suggestions be made in private rather than a public chat or web page, to avoid confusion, chaos and drama. We are, however, open to public criticism in the form of parody or spoofs. We feel a creative outlet for one’s opinions is healthy and the Kastle is quite capable of answering in kind with no hard feelings.

  Most of all, we ask that you have FUN. Enjoy our TV channel and the radio show. Enjoy the Hosts and their movies. Enjoy your life and each other.