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Broiler Chicken Side Effects


Chicken specially reared for consumption as meat is called as broiler chicken. The broiler chicken is made through a faster breeding process. You might want to compromise on your health if faster chicken breeding techniques are implemented. You should go for ‘free range’ chicken so that you will not eat broiler. The boiler chicken will go through a process before you buy from the stores. The process might lead to contamination. There are certain birds which are infected with bacteria or germs.


Antibiotic resistance:

Broilers go through intensive breeding conditions. As they are low on immunity, antibiotics are offered to prolong the life of the chicken. The excessive usage of antibiotics has led to the development of an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria. If you are susceptible to food poisoning, it will not respond to medicines. The chicken meat is the cheapest and most commonly available non-vegetarian food in the world.

Impact on Growth hormones:

As you eat broiler chicken, the antibiotics will enter your body as well. Having realized the risk associated with the synthetic hormones, European Union had responded by banning the use of such man-made hormones. You should be aware of the safety measures implemented by the bird breeders.

Alternate to broiler chicken:

You should choose an alternative to the broiler chicken in the form of free-range chicken. The chicken should be reared by taking reasonable time so that the risk factors will be minimized. Even though free range chicken is expensive, you should go for free range as the risk can be minimized.

Breast and prostate cancer:

There will be a high risk of breast and prostate cancer by consuming broiler chicken. In order to bring weight and size, arsenic is fed. If you consume chicken on a regular basis, the arsenic levels in the body will increase. The risk of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women will be very high. The chicken consumption among body builders is very high. The infected chicken will lead to dementia and many kinds of neurological issues.

Excess weight:

Even though there is great publicity about useful benefits of white meat, you should exercise discretion so that you can make the most of your health. The white meat is low in fiber, and it is rich in calories. You are prone to consume double the portion without your knowledge. Thus, it will lead to weight gain.


The grilled chicken is carcinogenic, and it should be avoided as far as possible. Quick rearing of chicks in one hand and usage of unnatural methods of cooking will double the risk. Broiler chickens go through great contamination during the production process. The level of carcinogens will increase with the grilling. It will make chicken worse than other kinds of meat. If you fry the chicken, the risk of cancer will increase.

Hence, there should be a focus on procurement and production of chicken through safe methods so that you can minimize risk and maximize health benefits.

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